Auringonlasku mökillä

Housing service

  • Enables a new and safe way of life.
  • Promotes the wellness of residents.
  • Solves challenges in housing.
  • Produces peer support for those in the same life situation.
  • Enables shared hobbies and free time.
  • Offers help close by: from a friend or a professional.
  • Encourages to act.
  • Take part in all kinds of activities.

With home care the resident

  • Can live in his or her home as long as possible.
  • Takes care of his or her daily routines.
  • Participates in hobbies in his or her free time.
  • Receives support for everyday challenges according to his or her needs.
  • Receives care in his or her home feeling of being safe lasts longer.
  • The resident can live in his or her own home as long as possible.

Wellness technology supporting everyday life

  • Security and wellness technology can also be built for a home.
  • It needs an Internet connection to work (mobile)
  • Engouraces to the healthy lifestyle
  • TUETAR®is a digital tool that can be used to measure the progress of rehalibitation

Wellness travel

  • We offer an opportunity for wellness travel for the special groups in Finland.
  • Experience the clean Finnish nature, the silence and beauty, visit the lakeside sauna and swim in the clear waters of a natural lake.


For more information, please contact:
Ms. Piia Virtanen,
Managing Director


Toimintamme kulmakiviä ovat yhteisöllisyys, vastuullisuuteen kasvaminen, aktiivisuus ja arjen hallinta. Haluamme vahvistaa ihmisen omia voimavaroja ja auttaa näkemään positiivisia tulevaisuuden mahdollisuuksia. Luonto on vahvasti läsnä toiminnassamme. Se antaa voimia ja rauhoittaa. Toimimme kaikissa asumisyksiköissämme Green Care -periaatteiden mukaisesti.